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How Can You Join Our City School Adventure?

As many of you know, we decided to delay our FIRE (financial independence retire early) adventure to Spain due to COVID-19.  In the meantime, we moved to Houston’s Museum District, and we are City Schooling the kids for most of the 2020 - 2021 school year.  What is City Schooling?  Read more here and here!

But let’s back up ... why City School?  And how can you now join our City School adventures?

So why City School?  I did explain this somewhat in previous posts, but let’s back it up some more ... some of my passions include art, art education, education ... but another passion of mine is experiencing life out and about in the city.  After my undergraduate degree, I moved to New York City to pursue a career in advertising.  NYC is so alive, and one of my favorite “hobbies” was just exploring.  Fast forward ... when the kids were born (in Houston), I started “City Schooling” with them immediately (we were constantly out and about) before I even had a name for it.  I would often seek out free or low cost adventures with the kids (and balance those sometimes with ones that cost more) - for example enjoying public programs at the library or exploring murals on our “Art Thursdays.”  We lived in Houston until our oldest was 2 years old, and it is great to be back.  Our main activity in the summers was “City Schooling” (again, before I had a name for it) - exploring life through the city.  Now I am excited to fully immerse in City School this coming Fall (even if ... unexpectedly!), and even better ... you can now join us for our City School Art Adventures.

What are your learning / schooling plans this Fall?  If you are doing a version of Homeschooling or Remote Learning, our City School Art Adventures may be right for you!

Why offer City School Art Adventures?  Well, initially I thought I could dive into side hustles such as VIP Kid, Outschool, and / or even Teachers Pay Teachers (which I may still look into those)... but then I was thinking City School Art Adventures make the perfect sense right now.  First, I am going to be creating them regardless for my kids, and I will have the ability to do something I love to do (City School AND Art)!  This will also maybe give my own kids the opportunity to safely socialize with others outside (and maybe meet new people.).  (And the same goes for the artists that participate!)

Remember it is always important to build up those safety margins (you never know when the next financial apocalypse is going to hit).

Also as a somewhat related side note... I’ve been thinking a lot about the families that need public school the most ... the families that do not have the privilege of choice.  How might we adjust City School Art Adventures to have a more positive impact on our community?  Or how might we as a family help fight for equality in education and contribute in positive ways in our community?  I don’t have an answer, but it is on my mind.  (I do have a few ideas, but nothing concrete ... yet).  What do you think?

New to our blog?  You can check out our new page - Start Here (work in progress!).  Read more about FIRE / FI here, and read about how I was able to early retire from art education this year.  Check out Erik’s latest financial post here.

Want to join us on your own FI journey?  Need some help getting there?  Contact us!

We would also love your feedback on our City School Art Adventures.  Email me at  Will you join us?


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