Family of Four Taking Flight to Financial Independence

Travel Gear: Would You Become A Nomad?

Ahhhh, Summer 2019.  I am back!  I was just trying to survive Spring 2019, but now our blog is back.

New to us?  Read this about our journey to FI (Financial Independence).  Won't you join us on this adventure (we are only probably a little over a year away!)?

Speaking of adventures ... are you traveling this summer?  Where are you off to?  Would you ever consider leaving behind a "home" or life as you know it to become a full-time nomad / world traveler?  That is currently our (quickly approaching) future plan (at least for a year or maybe more).

With that in mind, we (Erik) has been working on extensively researching and in many cases purchasing necessary travel gear.  Do you have any favorite types of travel gear?  For example, we've researched and purchased from Tortuga (Travel Backpacks), Bluffworks (Travel Clothes for Men), Smartwool (More Clothes), Prana (More Clothes), and more!

But I want to talk to you about Vivobarefoot shoes.  Not only are they great for traveling (light, fold up), but even more important - they are better for you and your feet.

Vivobarefoot - Mini Primus Kids

Wait.  What?  Better for your feet?  Don't believe me?  Watch this short (less than 5 min) documentary - Shoespiracy.

Erik has two pairs.  The kids now have two pairs -- the Mini Primus Kids and the Ultra Bloom Kids (land & water shoes).

Enjoying her limited edition land and water shoes (Ultra Bloom Kids).

The kids have loved both pairs of shoes.  I'm sure they will be our go to shoes this summer.  I also got a pair of Vivobarefoot Ultra III Bloom (land & water) shoes, and I have another pair of Vivobarefoot shoes coming this week (more on that soon!).

Adult Ultra III Bloom Shoes
But wait ... aren't those expensive?  We make sure it fits in our extra spending each month.  Is it better for our health?  Will it last?  These are some things we consider.  Also if we are becoming nomads (even if somewhat temporarily), quality over quantity is definitely key.  Whatever we are wearing ... whatever is on our backs - that's it!

We are looking forward to trying our Vivobarefoot shoes (and some other travel gear) on our trip to Colorado this summer.

So what do you think?  Would you become a nomad?  What is your favorite travel gear?  What about your feet?  Would you consider Vivobarefoot for you or your family?